Karu Lightning Gin 700ml


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The World’s Best Contemporary Gin – International Wines & Spirits Competition 2021Karu Distillery’s unconventionally smooth navy strength gin boasts double Juniper and a slightly drier profile. Featuring triple citrus tiers of herbaceous Lemon Myrtle, bitter Ruby Grapefruit, and sweet Mandarin, however, Rose Geranium is the standout botanical here. Picked fresh from Karu’s own distillery garden, their Rose Geranium provides a lingering composition of beautiful herbaceous and floral notes. Finally, a mild buzz fills your lips whilst notes of garden rain remain from the freshly collected mountain rainwater.
From the base of the Blue Mountains lies Karu Distillery; a small batch, locally run and independent distillery that prides itself on the production of internationally and locally award-winning spirits. Welcome to Karu.


Karu Distillery


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