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Corowa Bosque Verde Single Malt


‘Aromas of cherries, raisins, spices, A warm, spicy palate with notes of cinnamon, and malt. Long, sweet and soft with a hint of vanilla.’

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Corowa, NSW



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Every great journey has to start somewhere and this one happened to start from ‘Green Grove’, our founders family farm. Rewinding back to his humble beginnings, it was a place filled with old tractors, green paddocks and a charming little farmhouse. Having been owned by the family since 1918, they’re now known as pioneers of organic farming in Australia.

So what’s this got to do with whisky? Well, Bosque Verde is the Scottish Gaelic name for ‘Green Grove’, paying tribute to both the spirit’s worldly origins and the farm where it all began. The first nosing takes you back to that farmland with memories of country roads and rustic landscapes. Matured in American Oak barrels that once contained Australian Port wine, you’ll find comforting and homely notes of cherries, chocolate and cinnamon. It’s as warm as that welcome home hug.