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Black Snake Reposado aSp


‘Sweet wood, burnt caramel and a hint of smoke. Flavours of spice, oak, agave and a slight earthiness.’

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Narrabri, NSW


Agave Spirit (Mescal & Tequila)


Funky Drop

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ASp is an agave spirit made in Australia using wild agave americana and inspired by Mexican tequila traditions with Reposado simply meaning aged. The spirit has been aged in bourbon barrels for four months giving it flavours of spice, oak, agave and a slight earthiness. The aromas are of sweet wood, burnt caramel and a hint of smoke. The texture is thick and each sip coats the tongue well while the finish has distinct oak tones. While each batch has a subtle variation and it’s own unique taste the signature flavour is smokey. ASp is best enjoyed neat and at room temperature.