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$40.00 Cashback

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A whole new way to buy booze & be part of a cult that cares about you, our members get a level of flexibility that you don’t get anywhere else & helps us support our NSW indie producers to continue making interesting booze. 

As a Cult Member you will receive:

  • 15% Discount On All Wines
  • Monthly Cult Deals
  • Shipping & Delivery Within 24hrs
  • 10% Discount On All Spirits
  • Discount On All Events
  • Cult Only Partner Promos

Joining is easy, no obligatory wine packs with products you don’t want.

Signing up to membership is a commitment of $40 a month deducted from your account to a digital wallet on the Funky Drop website. You can then use this money to purchase wine, spirits, gift cards & tickets to our events.

Your subscription allows us to help give even more support to small producers & help them craft new and exciting products.