“Honey, I started a Cult !”
The Scorpions evolution into canned cocktails and bottles started when owners, Dane & Morgan, noticed some alarming signs from bartenders in China and Hong Kong that things were about to change. Before things really kicked off, they used the last of their money from their last night open to the public and ordered the supplies to start canning. A step behind everyone else selling cocktails in crappy jars and juice bottles with no labels, they managed to save themselves and the bar from certain doom.
‘We were the first in NSW to do this as our response – creation, production, packaging and product design were all done by us in house, we use rapid prototype thinking in order to innovate fast and adapt. Being in a small town means no one notices, but we did it and we are proud of that.’
The constant need for improvement and flavour means things will never be the same twice at The Cult, but they will always be delicious and made by real people with opinions and talent and diversity in taste, made with the best products.

Lightly Sparkling Hand-Made Alcoholic Refreshments

Futurismo 330ml Bottle
Karu Morita Vodka, Four Pillars Olive Leaf Gin, Italicus Bergamot, Lime, Pineapple. 7%
Solaris 500ml Can
Dry London Gin, Mango, Lime, Thai Botanicals & Hibiscus. 4.7%
Dune 500ml Can
Aperol Apertif, Plantation Pineapple Rum, Lemon & Lime. 4.3%
Crash 500ml Can
Espolon Reposado Tequila, Pear & Lychee Liqueurs & Lime 5.2%
Warp Whistle 500ml Can
Cargo Cult Banana Spiced Rum, Stolen Smoked Rum, Banana du Bresil & Lime 5.4%
Warbirds 500ml Can
Ginger & Strawberry Wild Turkey 86.5 Bourbon & Lime 4%